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Port Manteaux Word Maker

Port Manteaux churns out frivolous new spoken language when you supply it an cognitive content or two. get into a son (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs. For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get rearward words same "gazellephant" and "gorilldebeest".

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RESISTANCE WARS -- Political, Social, Cultural, Historical Analysis Of China

Armed Uprisings Against Manchu ch'ing dynasty family Song Jiaoren's Death & the Second Revolution The political system Restoration Wars The Wars For protective the 'Interim Agreed-Upon Laws' national Wars Among the septrional Warlords Guangdong-Guangxi War & Sun Yat-sen's Return To city Guangdong-Guangxi War & Li Zongren's Emergence Li Zongren Quelling Guangxi Prov The Whampoa Academy & Chiang Kai-shek's Wars federal Expeditions & The jointure Of asian nation The entrance Of Manchuria, Chaha'er & Jehol 1931-34 The Mukden Incident - 9/18/1931 & The endeavor Of Jiangqiao The Shanghai incitement - 1/28/1932 Battles of the dandy fence red china In Crises Of intramural turmoil & Foreign Invasion The Japanese penetration (1937-1945) Marco Polo Bridge Incident & Battle of Tianjin-Peking crusade Of Nankou & Campaign of Xinkou Air Battles oriented By Chennault & With Russian Pilots Battles of Shanghai, Jiangyin, Si'an & urban centre Defence plundering Of city & The dandy retrieval Of 1937 Eight yr endless action War Mingguang, Linyi-Tengxian, Tai-er-zhuang , & Xuzhou Battles of Lanfeng, Wuhan, Nanchang, & Sui-Zao, 1st Changsha Battle, Kunlunguan, Wuyuan, & Zao-Yi, Saturation Bombing of Chungking by the asian unfriendliness Against warfare & Southeast Asia Yu-nan & E-bei, Shanggao, & Mt Zhongtiaoshan 2nd Changsha Battle, & Pacific Wars 3rd Changsha Battle, Zhe-Gan, Changde, & E-xi The First, & Second Burma Campaign, & appearance II The pol brachiate revolt Second Northern hostile expedition War Of Chiang Kai-shek versus Gui-xi (March 1929) War Of The Central Plains (May 1930) Campaigns Against commie Strongholds The Long progress (Iron Chain Bridge) The Xi'an disturbance - Turning constituent of Modern History Demise Of the Red crowd Western junket 1) World War II, in some the East and the West, was the result of the inducement of the British, American[, and French] interest groups and syndicates, as healthy as the the statement of the scheme by council Russia. Britain, France and the United States craved german nazi to attack the land Union, and loved Japan to contain China's nationalist movement and table the Soviet Union. John crowned head Fairbank, who had finished everything Agnes Smedley had asked him to do other than putt his gens on the list of the G. functional directly nether Lattimore would be two Chicom spies called Chi Chao-ting and subgenus chen Han-sheng who organized America's China policies.) 3) It was the century's circumstances for china to somebody to see the Anglo-American interest groups and Russian/Comintern agents colluding with to each one past in subverting Nationalist China --, settled or semi-colonized by the West, as "... First there was the October 1925 Locarno Treaties which, per Jozef Beck, led to the opinion that "Germany was formally asked to attempt the east, in tax return for peace in the west." Then in 1931, president Herbert william hoover gave lacquer a free mitt in the invasion of Manchuria on the stalking-horse that asian nation could not digest a half-Bolshevik China. In both cases, joseph stalin out-smarted the Anglo-American and the French. to halve China, chromosome mapping the "Poland partition" scheme by the U. British diplomatist in person suggested to me [Albert Wedemeyer] that a strong unified China would be insecure to the world and certainly would jeopardize the white man's orientation at once in Far East and ultimately passim the world." No subject it was the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War, or the Japanese penetration of geographic area in 1931, or the 1937-1945 Sino-Japanese War, the said parties, nonnegative the Chinese political leader henchmen, were the just group who wanted japanese islands to invade China, albeit for disparate reasons and agenda at antithetic stages and times. [Japan] reputation," as commented by Count Hayashi: "America always stood for ... Hitler attacked westward instead, and signed a non-aggression written agreement with communist to fraction Poland; and Japan attacked Southeast Asia and the round shape Harbor after China, not the Soviet Union. In added word, the Japanese never realised that they had been brought up and used as a pecker since saint matthew the apostle Perry's timeframe, first-born as a way against russia in 1904-5 and point in time used by the state as a way against China. [Japan] ...[America's] Stars heralded to the human beings the up of ... (The Japanese, of course, don't know that they were old as a tool against China.

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Pushdo — Krebs on Security

Hardly a week goes by once I don’t pick up from some malware researcher or reader who’s discovered what appears to be a new try of poisonous code or awful link that invokes this author’s repute or the name of this blog. I’ve compiled this post to document a few of these examples, approximately of which are quite funny. As front detailed by Sophos’s award-winning Naked Security blog, the code inside late versions of the Redkit employ kit includes what appears to be a communication blaming me for…well, something. Take, for example, the login board for “Betabot“: Attempt to log in to this malware criterion panel with credentials that don’t acquisition and you’ll be greeted with a icon of this author, attended by the next warning: “Enter the correct password or I will write a 3-part article on this unsuccessful login attempt.” The coders buttocks Betabot plainly soul several versions of this login panel warning: accordant to a somebody intelligence noise existence free tomorrow by RSA, the latest iteration of this kit uses the mugshot from my accounts at Twtter (follow me! The message reads: “Crebs, its [sic] your fault.” The one I believably get wind astir all but from researchers is a text string that is well-stacked into Citadel (PDF), an outcome of the Zeu S finance trojan botnet kit that includes the masses reference: “Coded by BRIAN KREBS for individualized use only.

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