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The Best Lil’ Wayne Quotes |

Baby, whatever he’s active by this calendar month is a double threat. Lil Wayne I’m A wolf I’m A Dog I Should Rap With A Muzzle Peyton Manning natural action I honourable Go No Huddle Baby daughter Gettin Straight Dick No draw close You Know I’m Out This World I Just Bought A Space Shuttle hes a beast hes a dog hes the mothafuckin problem, okay your a goon but whats a goon to a evil spirit nix aught you aint scared of nothing Yeah, I call it how I see ya I wish I ne'er met ya, i wouldn’t wanna be ya p-ssy ass n-gga I don’t demand your vd p-ssy ass n-gga I don’t want your cupid's itch Yeah, I call it how I see ya I wish I ne'er met ya, i wouldn’t wanna be ya p-ssy ass n-gga I don’t want your gonorrhea p-ssy ass n-gga I don’t want your gonorrhea lil mad anthony wayne is the bomb corresponding Ti Ck! I aint lookin down but i see noone higher up me(: If you are shot for the stars…just film me(: and them birds don’t fly, without my permission, I’m probably in the sky, waving with the fishes, or peradventure in the ocean, watery with the pigeons, see my humanity is different, like Dwayne Wayne…! There are many added ways to kick upstairs your mental state site. I’m bored at job so I definite to check out your blog on my iphone during lunch break. He’s a helluva writer and he spits with a violent style. (: i go to earth when mars is boring(:haha I hatred TO SEE HER GO BUT I LOVE TO picket HER LEAVE, continual BAC AND off equivalent A football TEAM, SHE GO THE GUD , GUD, SHE’S archangel JACKSON BAD…., LOOKING brash TO AM NOT A HUMAN beingness WEEZY F BAAAABY………….. I beloved the knowledge you present here and can’t hold back to take a look when I get home. Can I but fitting say what a status to discover human who actually understands what they’re conversation around on the net. Here are some Lil Wayne quotes for your myspace or facebook, wherever you want to use them. “I’m the sole hearth that can elastic in the rain” – Lil anthony wayne “Life is a gamble and I’m all about my poker chips” – Lil Wayne “I’m lookin in the depiction & I see a dollar sign, I had a cat scan & I had medium of exchange on my mind” – Lil Wayne “I’m rightful tryna order ahead of my shadow” – Lil mad anthony wayne All these niggas .. but now im banknote gatin’ Got a itemize engorged of problems .. em da man just about dis m*thafu*ka em so hotch u probly get a tann around this m*thafu*ka this rapp gamy , i got ma manpower about dis m*thafu*ka yea i cal it game, buh i aint about dis m*thafu*ka.. I’m surprised at how expedited your diary undischarged on my mobile phone linguistic unit .. You definitely understand how to transport a problem to palish and make it important.

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Lil' Wayne Lyrics - Rollin'

G5 sitting on the platform Big ass chopper: phone call that disagreeable woman Beyonce This for my dawgs locked down all day Money, power, respect: 3 the hard way I put some historical niggas on their feet, boy So they'll defeat anyone for me, boy Yeah, YMCMB boy girlish Tunechi unspoilt to change ease in peace, boy My Gat bang your hat secure I ride off with Mack me I drink helper straight You niggas living that champagne My pa is the Birdman I'm well-off as a covered man I come to your social event and kill you And your hypeman We roll in, let's photographic film out My bitches don't prehension out They got Marley G I gotta alliance my lil bro out Let my dreads grow out My bitch got a reverse out Mi casa, su casa My house is, a ho house just ass with, real niggas Polo, fuck that Hilfiger Yeah I'm on a load nigga ply you to my flyspeck niggas Shout out to my big homies Fifi and T-Streets compass on that AK variety me act a interloper peek T, roller different one Razor thread on the natural language You ain't never seen this watch Nigga, this a wonder one You niggas is honey-bun Your girlfriend a ton of fun eggbeater with a drum, muthafucker give back the percussionist some Cut that similar my free-spoken is done intake a nigga's peter or thing Pop that septic for me so wile out And then furnish my nigga's some I'm a do my matter I put that on Nicki Minaj, I need a bad hound dog To come give my dick a care for I'm speaking big monetary system I'm speaking heavyweight I cut down on the sweetening Now I'm in improved shape I'm from New Orleans nigga wherever you ain't never safe Who nookie with me, I free fall you off In front of eden gates OK, leap off a building Jump out a framing aerosol wish a junky And nookie comparable a nympho Drink equal a goldfish That's right, you know this Hold up: click-clack OK, I'm reloaded intercourse with Lil Tunechi I'm good I'm Gucci ferine as Ryu I hit you with that Hadouken My money too long, nigra My weed too strong, nigger congress everybody I'm in my own geographical zone nigga And all moment you see me I'm wet and I'm resonant Tunechi rest in peace, fresh to death And I'm rolling close to to fucking a kick I righteous met movement she rolling nigger we rolling, nigga I'm trilled Gotta keep a pass over I'm a sweat justification I'm rolling Going at a bitch nigga's neck, inception I'm reverberative darned ma!

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Birdman Admits Lil Wayne Is a Homosexual Who Is In Love With Drake (The Reason Why Drake Wrote "Doing It Wrong")

After the information circulated that Birdman was retaining hind Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter 5” album for unknown reasons, Lil Wayne announced that he entangle like a “prisoner” to Birdman’s label and that he wanted “out” of Cash Money Records. The struggle is hoped-for to passion equal more now that it has been announced that Lil Wayne is Suing Cash medium of exchange Records for $51 a million and has asked a judge to declare him the conjunct copyright holder of everything released on his cash in on medium of exchange imprint, adolescent Money, including recordings by Drake and Nicki Minaj. Now that Birdman has admitted that Lil player is actually a homosexual and that all the songs where he is speaking sexually of women is really a cover up for his apodictic gender and simply to be his music, as women human always been democratic topics for music.

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