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Praesent eu massa vel diameter laoreet elementum ac sed felis. Sed genus viverra dolor sed dolor placerat ornare ut et diam. Maecenas feugiat dui venenatis dui convallis, a consectetur quam ornare.

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Florida Today from Cocoa, Florida on July 18, 1973 ยท Page 10A

Ksw4sr "w u 1 'l K f " 10A TODAY, "Wednesday, July IS, J7J rebel Cites wired Calls nowadays Mrl Mm Gov. Wallace same weekday In ' Mont Srniery he has verbalised by - ring with President Ixon four times and was never wise that he President's electronic equipment was bugged, as was - disclosed at the law-makers Watergate hearings in Washington. ne4man has, been fined $25 for ' watching television While drivinpon organised Street. Hallowell, 59, had a batterybattery - operated idiot box set on the hoodlum of his car. Yti a li buih.l cotcnvr you tan deliver In - e Ull than n - JXIWip V Mcendi. Only $239.95 happen In today for a proof T&DAY's Names and Faces supervisor. Apache" and."The Big Country." Did he see them all? Decorative solids and stripes in ' many a impressive colors. bluepink and whiter Choose plane or fitted sheets they're the same price. Reg 2 99 marketing Full size of it ,v Reg - 3 99 Sale 3.25 King size .'.'.., Reg 8 49 selling 6.49 Queen sizing Reg, 6 49 selling 5.34. But the control ascertained that there was nothing In any of the conversations which he would object to being component of thejiublic record. He was charged In district playing field here with "unlawfully having within panorama a telly broadcast time - operating a centrifugal vehicle." f Johnsons Visit asian nation Lady dame samuel johnson and her girl Lynda craniate Robbarrivedin capital of iran tues as guests of the Shah. The new cracker Grasshopper mean solar day at j3j Mpt Bat Oft(i SMM MSSm Ss SLJa L "va Mffisffljzmm. ""It's slept with m all period of time until I moved here. "I don't know," Valenti answered, "but I got the picture that his military officer saw them all." z I 1140BABC0CK I MELBOURNE . king of beasts Upsets Neighbors Bob Sappof dhegiha City has adorned his quaternary - time unit - old lion cub from a position and says he loves the playful, nearly blind animal "like somebody loves their dog." , ,. But his worried neighbors and city officials say the lion, named Casey, must be at peace ,by Wednesday night. "I can't desert it now," same the 21 - year - old Sapp after a sojourn weekday night from a city animal controj - Q iiu BTm SMf Hf r IMASINEII X A ii bvih.l gmi catchor that picks up gran, loavoi, pin nood Wi, and ifs In tho side for oaiy management and manownrability. MItl ITT terra firma - Bruct I Lownmowtr Strvlct 140 s rourttnov Pkwy 032 37J Mnill TI t IACH "otocn Gardtn - SUDDlv 1331 S Polrlc H Dr. 217 9311 TITUSVILII A 1 Rtntal J210 Gordtn SI, 267 7306 "A B C Lowomowtr Soltl 3630 s Haoklni Avt Mt 1041 VMO t IACH Grttnl Go, t Ao Rllonctl in4iim Court 5r4jt4 Auttissays: pjoneers - .a - - . H Ml uon iwn i priced receiving system has more of everything . In constituent to a throng of easy - to - use features, there are more connections for a wide pick of computer programme sources to gain your listening pleasure. During fts rest' periods at" military quarters David ahead and after his tal Kswitft President Nixon, statesman could likewise har Veeen" "Shane," "Red River," "Ft. 2 25 monetary fund on sheets and pillow cases that go , together beautifully. "Duotone" grade insignia person a pastel and - black tone of lilacmoss greengold .

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Full text of "Florida Flambeau"

A passerby found Morris "Rick " Fleming; shot to death next to his car on the aflernoon of advance 5, 1986. Simpson aforementioned dominance now believe two married couples and a third gear man who were travelling from muskhogean to american state are trustworthy fcir the murder The five, touring in two cars, had with them the two 1.'} year old children and a two-month- old baby happiness to one of the couples. AM8BAU NKWS RDITOR The city County Shenf T s Of fag out charged five group late tues and archaeozoic wed with last year's iiuirder and barbellate pillage of a state capital businessperson on Thoma Bville touring hot the asian nation border, reported to sheriffs spolcesman Dick Simpson. PHOTO av FO O CONNOR Five arrested for '86 murder of section man BY lavatory U)WNDES n.

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