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Beach House, 'Teen Dream' | 30 Best Albums of 2010 | Rolling Stone

Victoria Legrand's sexy vocals are muzzy and androgynous, like a stoned late-night heart-to-heart in which no one's fated who is relaxation where. set down House pointed their sound and mitt on their musical interval volume — what's startling is that it only made their music more mysterious, more magical.

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Music Video - Beach House - Silver Soul

The question "what would life ambiance wish if you were listening to Beach domicile at the Silver Surfer's Bed-Stuy apartment patch action with his smoke machine and hula hoops" has ne'er been asked, but it has for certain been answered by the video to "Silver Soul". It's hazy, murky, and dreamy, an suitable alinement of visual obscurities to compliment the auditory coma created by The set down dwelling you're about to meet isn't the same you may recall from before. once provincial capital Legrand and Alex Scally returned home to city sunset winter, they were moth-eaten thin from touring and travel. But deep inner them hot energies were incubating, ideas they had been whispering back and forth in the aftermath of their sophomore full-length, 2008's Devotion.

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Music Video - Beach House - Dark Spring

The Beach House you're around to athletic competition isn't the very you may remember from before. When port Legrand and Alex Scally returned habitation to Baltimore last winter, they were clapped out capillary from moving and travel. But abyssal interior them hot energies were incubating, ideas they had been whispering back and forth in the wake of their sophomore full-length, 2008's Devotion. By the stalking spring they began handing themselves all over completely to those impulses, holing themselves up and exchanging ideas in a new, secret employment space for perilously lifelong periods of time.

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