Mature salvia divinorum plant

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Grow Salvia: Learn How To Grow Salvia Plants

What e'er way you dry the leaves, store them in a irrevocable jar away from light. A scrubbed glass canning jar works very well (Mason jar). Storing the jar inside a kitchen cabinet or medicine chest official document keep it aside from light.

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Salvia divinorum - Encyclopedie - Azarius

Salvia divinorum is te vinden in de online smartshop Salvia divinorum is een industrial plant met zacht aanvoelende bladeren, die van origine in Mexico voorkomt en die de krachtige psychoactieve stof salvinorine bevat. In Mexico werd Salvia divinorum oorspronkelijk gebruikt bij genezing en waarzeggerij, en in de vroege jaren '90 is het verkrijgbaar geworden in de psychedelische undergroundcultuur. Binnen de plantensoort Salvia bestaan veel soorten en variaties, waaronder het in de keuken gebruikte salie; echter, planten uit het tuincentrum zijn vrijwel nooit Salvia divinorum behalve wanneer dit op het label staat.

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Salvia Divinorum —The Diviner’s Sage

Salvia divinorum, usually referred to simply as “salvia”, is a ligneous plant autochthonic to Oaxaca, Mexico, which has been old by autochthonal Mazatec tribespeople for centuries. Its value stems from its psychotropic effects, which soul been used as a means of communing with the intoxicant that are so reckoning to endemic notion systems. divinorum is a member of the genus Salvia, a large sort out of 700-900 coinage belonging to the Lamiaceae (mint) family. Although the ordinary name “sage” refers particularly to Salvia officinalis—from which the seasoner used in cooking is obtained—it may too refer to any cosmetic or healthful plant within the genus. divinorum, hereafter referred to as salvia, is a leggy woody plant with square, hollow stems and hairless, ovate leaves, which may likewise be dentate or sabre-toothed and are betwixt ten and thirty centimetres in length.

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