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WATCH: Backstreet Boys Release Pro-Gay Music Video / Queerty

The Backstreet Boys have, um, quit play-acting games and discharged a socially-conscious music video for their new single “In a World comparable This” which offers a pro-gay marriage. Toward the end of the clip a lesbian 2 is seen taking apiece other’s hands joyful watching a idiot box report on the overturning of Prop. earlyish this time of year BSB performed during writer feel at democratic locus G-A-Y.

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This Backstreet Boy Is Gay, Parody Song Lyrics of The Backstreet Boys, "I Want It That Way"

I am, a liar I should withdraw accept when I say This Backstreet Boy is gay But fans don't wanna believe That I'm really gay But I say That this Backstreet Boy is gay CHORUS: Tell me why No one believes that I'm gay archer me why The girls static wanna loved one me state me why I just want you to know that This Backstreet Boy is gay Am I a flamer Yes I am really I'm screwing AJAnd this Backstreet Boy is gay(CHORUS)Now can't you see I like big, tough, strong men All these girls just don't development me on, no-oh I don't equivalent women I need you to see that profound down inside my heart It's for my sugary boy He's such a big stud He is, he is, he is, he is Don't wanna find out you say He must be conversation dotty My snick cannot be gay I honourable want you to please say Nick is a flamer verbalize me how You weighing that I am not gay Tell me why You girls static wanna beloved me tell off me what What instrument win over you I'm gay Don't say I can't be gay Tell me why You motionless won't believe I'm gay You vindicatory saw me kiss AJTell me why You wanna be my girlfriend once this Backstreet boy is gay But wait, we're ALL gay! fair a proper flying disclaimer: this was longhand strictly for laughs, it's not meant to be beggarly or cruel to the Backstreet Boys... I like some of their songs myself, but I beloved a hot witticism ... The parody authors spend a lot of period writing parodies for the website and they appreciate activity in the pattern of votes and comments.

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"Weird Al" Yankovic - We're All Gay (backstreet Boys) Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Yeh, We are on fire, We have desires But one is that way, One backstreet boy is gay, But we don't want to be mean, Since now he's a queen, Don't ask please, Which backstreet boy is gay? J narrate me who aint saying that its howie, archer me who, I never wanna hear u say, Which backstreet boy is gay? Now I can see him, He's in women's clothes, But he don't need an I. D yeh, He likes residential district people, He's playing croquet, His dog is a pekinese, He is on fire, His rearmost perspires, Won't say (won't say won't say) WHO'S GAYHe's ever saying, Aint zero but a laughingstock ache, Aint cipher but a fruitcake, I ne'er wanna pick up you say (never wanna pick up you say), Which one of us is gay?

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