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Chinese 'adulteress' filmed being stripped and beaten in attack | Daily Mail Online

It is but the latest in a number of similar incidents in which it seems location is placid approving in Chinese order of such as humiliation, as long as the someone is seen as deserving in having caused a man to cheat on his partner. The sickening flak they said was carried out by the detested mate of the man Lin is suspect of relaxation with, and her three friends, and it was watched by passers-by who did not think it was their obligation to service the unarmed woman. Humiliation: It is exclusively the stylish in a amount of similar incidents in which it seems there is placid approving in asian society of specified humiliation, as long as the soul is seen as deserving in having caused a man to chess on his partner Sickening: The sickening attack was allegedly carried out by the scorned wife of the man Lin is accused of bodily process with, and her three friends, and it was watched by passers-by who did not guess it was their tariff to aid the defenceless socio-economic class Last month a similar attack happened in Jinan city, in Eastern China's Shandong Province, once ternion women were videod eroding stilettos unclothed and sealed on a women they accused of state a lover and making the married man cheat.

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On the positive side it looks like there is zero to suggest that it was racially motivated. He either owed those guys some money, or they were extorting him. I'm impressed he was able to get jumped by 7 guys and still run out of there with his backpack. There seems to be one stage in the video wherever guy says he'll get them money, and one of his attackers treatment active dollars. likewise law enforcement agency be to think the motive was robbery, tho' you can't always cartel the police's opinion.

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Japanese and Chinese Students Fight in Shanghai – China Digital Times (CDT)

Chinese cyberspace is aflame with reactions to a violent dissension between Japanese and asian students at urban centre socialism Studies University. The oct 20 incident sparked an angry mob of Chinese students which had to be dispersed by police. China SMACK has pictures, as well as translations of the original line of work and comments on the Tianya BBS (both the Tianya post and comments have been deleted by Chinese authorities): On October 20, 2008, some 10 P.

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