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Muslim council secretary general 'forced to resign' after attending gay son's wedding | The Independent

A bring forth says she has been forced to leave as secretary general of an Islamic faith organization later on she attended the marriage of her gay son. earliest this month, a gay Muslim man named Ali Reza married his partner libber in Vancouver. It comes aft a brace who had one of the UK's freshman same-sex marriages involving a mohammedan better half received online abuse, some from fella Muslims.

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Gay marriage: Churches, synagogues, and mosques won’t be forced to conduct same-sex unions.

Last June, Denmark’s parliament passed a law requiring churches to conduct gay marriage ceremonies. Priests can opt out, but if they do, the local bishop has to feat a replacement to trait the ceremony. once Maryland voters legalized gay matrimony in November, a conservative someone transmitted me a link to the Denmark subject matter to explicate why he’d voted against his state’s option initiative. We human a deep-rooted, constitutional section between church and state and an equally deep-rooted constitutional protection of state of religion, which make us diametrical from any other country.

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Is a Church Being Forced to Perform a Gay Wedding? | HuffPost

Alliance Defending unsusceptibility attorneys filed a federal lawsuit and a motion for a temporary restraining dictation fri to stay officials in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, from forcing two ordained religion ministers to perform wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples. "The government should not military unit dedicated ministers to act disobedient to their allegiance under terror of jail minute and wrong fines," aforementioned ADF Senior licit Counsel Jeremy Tedesco." Of course, ADF is notoriously undependable when it comes to stating the facts, and will interpretation facts until they barely match their old selves. The couple who own the wedding ceremony place of worship are ordained, but flying a business, not a church. Nor are they pastors, since they don't have a church, as ADF claimed.

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